🛍️ MYSTERY BOX: Parrot Station is offering A MYSTERY BOX FOR YOUR BIRD! Each box will be hand picked by Marlene Mc'Cohen specifically for your bird! Just select your preferred size, (Size refers to bird size),and your box will be sent to your door. The holidays are right around the corner - our mystery boxes the perfect gift for your birds, and an even more special treat for parrots still on the journey to finding their forever homes!

📍SIZE: Note some sizes may overlap, it depends on the types of toys your bird likes to play with. So some Mustached Parakeets could play with either a small or medium box. Take in to account how heavy a chewer your bird is.  

EXTRA SMALL: Suitable for extra small parrots such as Quakers, Parrotlets, Budgies, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Lineolated Parakeets, and similar sized birds.

SMALL: Suitable for small parrots such as Moustached Parakeets, Ringnecks, Conures, Cockatiels, Caiques, Rainbow Lorikeets, Senegals and similar sized birds.

MEDIUM: Suitable for Medium parrots such as African Grey Parrots, Amazon Parrots, Mustache Parakeets, Conures, Senegals, Galah Cockatoos, Umbrella Cockatoos, Medium Cockatoos, Lesser Sulphur Crested cockatoos, Indian Ring-necked Parakeets, Caiques, Rainbow Lorikeets, Hahns Macaws, Derbyan Parrots, Cape Parrots, Jardine’s Parrot, Meyer’s Parrot, Bare-eyed Cockatoo’s,, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, Rose-breasted Cockatoos,  Red-bellied Parrots, Pionus Parrots, Eclectus Parrots

LARGE: Suitable for Large birds such as Large Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos, Amazon Parrots, Moluccan, Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, Black Palm Cockatoos and similar sized birds. 

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