🛍️ TO BE CLEAR: This one of a kind bird toy, mixes wooden popsicle sticks with Scoubidou craft string that birds just love to shred. This toy is on a hanging chain so larger birds that enjoy small intricate toys can enjoy it for a little longer as well. The chain can be reused to make your own DIY bird toys.

💞 FUN FACT: To Be Clear is named after Marlene's Mc'Cohen's Galah Cockatoo Vinny,  who loves to say, "Too be Clear". Ironically Vinny can sometimes be anything but clear. Since Vinny is a big fan of this toy and a lot of the craft string on this toy is clear, Marlene thought it would be the perfect bird toy to give a nod to her Galah cockatoo Vinny. 

📐SIZE: 9"x 1" (Check out the video to see my birds playing with the toys as well as the size relative to your birds)

🦜 PARROT SIZE: Suitable for small and Medium parrots such as Quakers, Parrotlets, Budgies, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Lineolated Parakeets, African Greys, Amazon Parrots, Conures, Cockatiels, Ringnecks and similar sized birds.

💥 WHY BUY PARROT TOYS❓ Parrot Toys reduce depression. Providing toys for your birds, keeps their brains stimulated, bodies active and little hearts happy. A great parrot companion makes parrot toys a priority for their bird. By offering your bird an assortment of different parrot toy styles, you will reduce boredom, prevent depression and avoid self-destructive tendencies. Even the most attentive parrot owner should be aware that parrot toys are an important part of building a bird’s independence and ability to spend busy time alone. Quite often, a very loved bird can succumb to aggressive behavior and attachment issues if they haven’t built up their independence. This can create a Velcro bird and make it hard for parrot owners to conduct daily activities without including their bird. That’s why, making bird toys and play time a priority will always be beneficial to both you and your bird.

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