January 2021 marked a new year and the return of our beloved Celebirdy, Blu! Blu is the bird world's favorite "fairy". As he flits and flutters through the air, he carries with him an enchantment that we've carefully captured in this packet of Whatcha Brewin'? Avian Tea.

This blend includes a sprinkle of flowers from the Elder Tree which, in Irish folklore, was considered sacred and believed to offer a connection to the mystical fairy world. With colorful hibiscus, and color-changing blue butterfly pea, this infusion will be sure to add some "magic to you and your bird's day!

The benefits of herbal teas are not just for humans. Our Birds have much to gain from the purposefully selected ingredients of the Whatcha Brewin'? Avain Tea line. Whatcha Brewin'? Teas are hand crafted in small batches and created with human-grade, organic ingredients, and are caffeine-free, and bird safe. This tea is a multi-tasker! Use for foraging toy filler, food enrichment, therapeutic mist, luxury bath and more!

Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus, Organic Red Raspberry Leaf, Organic Chamomile, Dried Blueberry, Organic Blue Butterfly Pea, Organic Elderflower

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